Fräckare och fräckare…


Nu jäklar börjar tiggarbreven blir lite väl fräcka…

Dear Beneficiary,
What is the matter with you? I send a report to Nigeria Government this morning, indicating your unwillingness to claim your inheritance funds of $9.5 million which has been proved in your favour and I have been waiting for your mail for long. it is as result of complains and complication I received from you contractors/inheritance beneficiary regarding your outstanding contract/inheritance payment with federal Government of Nigeria that made me to handle your ATM Card by myself because I have God fearing mind to release your contract/inheritance funds in more convenient mode. Be informed that you have only 48 hours to comply with this instruction I am warning you for the last time, if you continue this delay, I will cancel your ATM Card.
Furthermore, you are advised to fill the below information and get back to me for immediate delivery of your ATM Card to your home address without any delay

Your Full Name………..
Your Contact Address…….
Your Direct Telephone Number……..
Your office ID Card……….

Any other office or person count me out I am not a party to that. A world is enough for a wise. Get back to me immediately through this e-mail:

Lt Gen Tolu Williams.

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Var så goda, nu är det er tur att tycka till och skriva något!

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